Honduran Girl Carrying Plantains
  • girl carrying plantains

    Reaching the Lost
    and Impoverished

    Spreading Compassion
    and Love

  • Extending Aid

    Your support changes lives

  • Praying

    Our help comes
    from the Lord

  • Tom and Cal praying in children's oncology ward

    Truly Caring

    Taking the church
    outside the walls

  • Jervis

    Turning Hearts To God

    Empowering people to
    mobilize their gifts

  • Sarah with girls in Honduras

    Sharing Jesus' Love

    Building relationships
    by showing we care

Welcome to Shepherd Network, Inc. — Llamados a la Gloria

Our three-fold mission:

  • 1. Discipling followers into leaders through pastoral ministry
  • 2. Providing resources to the Lord's workers
  • 3. Facilitating missions that serve the sick and impoverished

With your help, we are rewriting stories of poverty and illness
to reflect God's glory and God's victories.

We are called to participate in God's story.
It's a story so powerful, we stand in awe.